Kogura H8C/H8M Gorilla

H8M with autocannon and missile pods
H8M with autocannon and missile pods

This model is the big brother of the Kogura Handyman 350 powered exoskeleton, and comes in both civilian and military flavors. The civilian version has the option of manipulator hands or powerlifter claws, while the military version has a variety of weapon options in addition to the hands and claws. 12 color schemes were done–4 military, 4 civilian, and 4 additional schemes.

The weapons include a 25mm autocannon, a 90mm grenade launcher, a flamer, shoulder missile/rocket pods, and an arm-mounted close combat weapon system similar to the one that the XM709 Hercules battlesuit had.

This model was never released officially, and lacks formal instructions. Aside from that, it’s largely complete, includes GSD files for hobby cutters, and has only a few minor fitting issues with the shoulder rocket pod slots and the arm sleeves. You may want to thicken the rocket pod tabs or simply glue the pods on permanently. You can also shim the inside of the sleeves with strips of scrap card to tighten up the fit, or simply glue the sleeves on if you don’t want to swap the weapons.

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Reference screenshots provided to beta testers

H8M beta build photos by Joe Harker:

H8C beta build photos by George Coutts:

H8C beta build photos by Kevin Ray (kitbashed with a tracked suspension):