(March 21 2014) One more model added

I finally found a matching thumbnail image for the VU-22 Percheron and added it to the Ebbles Miniatures 2010-2011 page in the Model Archive.

Additionally, the Weird Science beta expansion for Guncrawl 1st Edition has been added to the Guncrawl section of the Fun Stuff page.

(January 19 2014) Still more models added

I’ve added a new page to the Model Archives for diorama/vignette aids here, with the Ebbles Miniatures interlocking terrain mats and the modular hills. In addition to that, there’s a new page for the 2012 Chez Ebbles models here. I’ve added 4 models to it so far, and will be adding more as time permits.

I’ve also finally gotten around to adding the requested tip jar, which you can find in the Model Archives dropdown menu.

(January 5 2014) New models added

I’ve added another page to the Model Archives for the 2012 Genet Models updates of the UD-41, Pinzgauer, M722 LEV, and M3619 FUSS kits. These products have been deactivated on Wargame Vault, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG to pave the way for new content.

(December 31 2013) New models added

I’ve added another page to the Model Archives for the 2010-2011 Ebbles Miniatures releases here.

(December 30 2013) Preparing for 2014

I’ll be moving all forum activity to Cardboard Warriors. Squirmydad kindly set me up with a section for Genet Models, and I’ll be repointing the forum and workbench links to Cardboard Warriors soon. Not having to maintain a separate forum will free up some of my weekend time to spend on actual content creation.

In addition to that, I’ll be adding more back catalogue stuff to the model archives soon, including the 4 items currently in the Wargame Vault catalog. This will clear the path for fresh new content over the upcoming year.

(December 8 2013) Model archive up!

That went a bit faster than I thought it would.

I’m officially no longer handling any direct sales on this website, and will be leaving that in the hands of Wargame Vault, RPGNow, and the other OneBookShelf retailers. The stuff that used to be on the old Ecwid shop has been moved to a new model archive accessible from the main navigation menu above.

The archive contains most of the Ebbles Miniatures models from 2003 to 2010. There are still some things that need to be added, but the large majority of the old stuff is up again. I’ve also put Guncrawl in the Fun Stuff section, since it’s not a model and therefore doesn’t quite fit in the model archive.

The decision to archive the old models and make them available for download is largely due to the fact that I have just a few hours over the weekend to spend on papercraft stuff. Trying to update all of the old models with modern cutfiles and PDF layers under that kind of time constraint is very slow going, and I’d really rather spend that time on actual model design.