(June 5, 2016) Download issues?

If you run into issues downloading models, such as “your connection is not secure” or similar errors, please report it to and let me know exactly which models are giving you trouble, what browser you’re using, and the content of any error messages. I’m migrating this site away from needing SSL and I expect there may be some teething pains during the transition.

(February 22, 2015) SSL issue resolved

Our hosting provider has completed the setup process for the new SSL certificate, and things should be working again.

(February 19, 2015) SSL issue being resolved

The SSL issues that people have been reporting to me are in the process of being resolved by our hosting provider. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

(February 14, 2015) Site updates

I’ve updated the backend of the website. If you encounter any strange errors or browser security warnings about the SSL certificate when attempting to download models, you should not be seeing those. Please report them to me at the Contact page. Thanks!

(December 13, 2014) Website issues fixed

I’ve fixed some problems with missing images and nonfunctional links today. If you encounter any similar issues after today’s fixes, hop on over to the Contact page and let me know.

(June 1 2014) H8C/H8M Gorilla Added

I’ve found and added the files and reference images for the Kogura H8C/H8M Gorilla model to the Model Archive on its own page.

(May 31 2014) New 2010 Ebbles Variations page up

I’ve rounded up the 15 forum-exclusive 2010 variations of the UD-41 dropship, the VU-22 shuttle, and the Crotale IV. I’ve created a new Model Archive page for them here.